Finding true joy in the simple things 

Have you ever visited a farmers market alone? Free to explore and wander wherever your heart tells your feet to go?  Not sure what stalls are on display.  Whether to walk on the right or left side of the street, contemplating which end is the best to start from – not wanting to miss a thing! Either way you go, you end up with tastes of the yummy stuff that leave you wanting more.  Clutching on to one or a few treasures that fill you up with giddy, excitement, and true satisfaction in the pit of your belly.  Strolling to your next destination semi-anticipating days end when time permits you to reminisce the smells and tastes and joys of which you secretly collected throughout the day.

In my life, I am the vendor and the buyer. I am the person next to the car with the goods displayed simply but neatly in all their glory; enjoying the scene and having a chat. I am the woman perusing the florals and the handmades. Running my fingers along the textures of linens and inspecting the produce. Tasting the delicacies while subconsciously pairing a glass of wine to compliment the sun and fresh air. Normally however, I don’t walk away with more than a bouquet and a nibble. Which I save for when the time feels right to indulge as slowly and selfishly as i wish.

Today, I walked along the side of the road, on my way to pick up floor cleaner from the local convenience store.  Its Wednesday.  Across the road was parked an old ‘Lemon’ of a car, with older men standing by it engaged in what looked like simple, everyday, jolly conversation. Laid out on top of the hood and roof were cauliflower and cabbages, spring onion and carrots, accompanied by handwritten prices jotted down on notebook paper. My heart swelled with pride of the country I presently live in which is also the country my ancestors come from. Here, we work hard but we are grounded in representatives of love; kindness, gratitude, generosity – and humility.

We are the makers of our dreams.  We create our reality. We are business owners and men, lingerers and hustlers. We dont need a brick and morter, a computer or a stand, we just need our deeper selves to go forth with strength and courage in knowing our higher self.

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