Blog About 9

Since having my own 3 little souls to guide in this life, I am finding myself reconnecting with my inner child. Uncovering the ‘essence of life’ again.  And I am finding it in the most obvious of places. Places that are around each corner turned.

Beauty. This is my Inspiration Blog. Inspired by the world, and places I have lived. Inspired by the people I know, and strangers around me.  Motherhood. Partnership: Commitment. Moments in life where feeling overwhelms perspective.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, I am a west coast girl at heart- with a soul (and genetic) connection to my Maltese roots. As a child, my parents guided me toward appreciation for the simple things in life.  Toward true beauty, as rooted in nature. Buzzing of bees, rays of sun reflecting toward the earth, grains of sand running through the cracks of my fingers. But there is more to beauty than what is visible to the eye. I discovered the power to evoke emotion in a complete stranger through the simplicity of a smile. Of eyes connecting in fearlessness, opening the windows to the soul – if only for a moment.  There is beauty in courage and humility. In sticking up for the underdog. In offering service to a complete stranger by washing their clothes or dressing them in my own, and opening our door for Thanksgiving dinner.  My parents did a fine job of exposing me to the true existence of beauty in this world.  To real importance. However, like many people do as they grew older, somewhere along the way life became busy and those everyday notions grew less and less.  And then I started to wake up….

This is my journey of rediscovery where I write about what inspires me, when it inspires me.   Largely influenced by the adventures of motherhood, innocence of childhood, the whisper of nature, and the beauty- in the chaos of life.